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Top Shelf Preserves

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Sour Cherry & Rose Mini Jam: (60 ML)Picture whole tender cherries set into a rose and cardamom scented jelly with elegant strips of lime zest suspended throughout. Now picture spreading this chunky preserve on toasted pita bread with cream cheese or stirred into yogurt.

Blueberry Gin Jam: (190 ML) Be dazzled by the marriage of blueberries and gin in this low sugar fruit spread. Botanical aromas of the gin accentuate the forest-y flavour of wild blueberries. Ample lime juice and zest brighten this preserve and make it lip smackingly good. For a real treat try it with triple cream brie and crackers.

Hot Peach Chutney: (190 ML) Ontario peaches and pears are simmered for hours with onion, garlic, ginger, chili and prunes. This is a sweet and savoury chutney with a hint of heat that will make your barbecued fish, sausages or chops sing! This chutney has got a bit of heat from cayenne peppers.


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