The Lemon Slice Box
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The Lemon Slice Box

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The sunniest gift that you can send!

White Citrine giant bath bomb- Old Whaling Co. - Charleston, NC

Tropical tea towel - Danica Studios - Vancouver, BC

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey pencil - Charlie Pickles - Toronto, ON

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey keychain - Charlie Pickles - Toronto, ON

Lemon Poppyseed hand soap - Pine & Peony - Winnipeg, MB

Everyday Lemon face mask - Factory - Korea

Lemon Peel & Basil candle - Farmer's Son Co. - Winnipeg, MB

Tropical spoon restDanica Studios - Vancouver, BC

Every box is thoughtfully put together and wrapped by hand. It comes with a handwritten card that you can add a custom message to before you add the box to your cart. You can leave it blank if you would like to fill it out yourself, and don't worry, we leave it on the outside of the box.

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