The Power Up Box
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The Power Up Box

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This box is perfect for those that love to snack but don't want the guilt that usually comes along with it. This box is full of healthy treats to make them power up!

This box includes:

Red Habanero hot sauce - Heartbeat Hot Sauce - Thunderbay, ON

Original plant jerky - North Jerky - Ottawa, ON

Pistachio energy bites - Nomz - Toronto, ON

Hearty Tamari naked snacks - Laid Back Snacks - Toronto, ON

Dark Chocolate (vegan) pumpkin seed cups - Dwarf Stars - Calgary, AB

Every box is thoughtfully put together and wrapped by hand. It comes with a product description menu as well as a handwritten card that you can add a custom message to before you add the box to your cart. You can leave it blank if you would like to fill it out yourself, and don't worry, we leave it on the outside of the box.

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