Cabin Country Box
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Cabin Country Box

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Manitoban's love escaping to cabin country, and what better way to do that, than to come prepared? Or just stay at home and cozy up and pretend (or not) you're snowed in! They have everything you need to relax by the fire.

This box comes in two sizes now!

The small box includes: 

One white enamel mug

Toasted coconut marshmallows - Tout de Sweet - Victoria, BC

Black spruce incense - Province Apothecary - Toronto, ON

You strike my fancy matches 

English toffee caramel - Sweetsmith Candy Co. - Strathmore, AB

The large box includes everything above plus:

Forest Lip balm - Made by Bkind Products in Montreal, QC

Elderflower & moss candle - Farmer's Son Co. - Winnipeg, MB

Every box is thoughtfully put together and wrapped by hand. It comes with a product description menu as well as a handwritten card that you can add a custom message to before you add the box to your cart. You can leave it blank if you would like to fill it out yourself, and don't worry, we leave it on the outside of the box.

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