Beer Snacks International Peanuts
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Beer Snacks International Peanuts

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Beer Nuts - Classic Sweet - Simply sweet, simply addictive, enjoy these tasty peanuts with your favourite chilled fizzy beverage or by themselves. They also pair nicely with an aged spirit.

Ingredients: Peanuts, Sugar, Salt

AdoboA smokey chipotle peanut mix bursting with flavour. The Adobo Peanuts are inspired by Puerto Rican flavours that bring a garlicky, salty explosion of flavour to each bite. This snack pairs well with a light lager or crisp pilsner.

Ingredients: Peanuts, Vegetable Oil, Garlic Powder, Sea Salt, Chipotle Pepper, Black Pepper, Onion Powder. Oregano, Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper.

Made in Ottawa, ON.

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