I Love You Berry Much
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I Love You Berry Much

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Nothing but the berry best for the ones you love, right? 

This box includes:

Southbrook Berry Tea - A blend of dried grape skins from Niagara’s Organic and Biodynamic Southbrook Vineyards, layered with hibiscus and berries for a delicious fruit tea. -Caffeine-free. -100% natural. Made by Pluck Tea - Toronto, ON

Ceramic mug - Dishwasher and microwave safe

Sour gummy candies - C'est Bon Bon - Montreal, QC

"You're the Best Mom" pin - Penny Paper Press - Toronto, ON

Cranberry crush radder beer - Fort Garry Brewery - Winnipeg, MB

Every box is thoughtfully put together and wrapped by hand. It comes with a product description menu as well as a handwritten card that you can add a custom message to before you add the box to your cart. 

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