Farmer's Son Co. Glass Jar Candle
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Farmer's Son Co. Glass Jar Candle

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These amazing 8 oz candles in glass jars will burn for 45-50 hours. 

Now in 4 scents: Bloom, Leaves, Smoked Orange & Ginger, and Apple Bourbon

Bloom: Smells like the most beautiful flower garden with a blend of Forget Me Not, wild rose, jasmine, violets and plumeria, plus a bit of tagete essential oil to bring it all together.

Leaves: Leaves blends a rich mix of fallen leaves from around the family farm, and is complimented by a hint of spiced apple, woodsmoke and just enough orange to make you smile

Smoked Orange & Ginger: Smoked blood orange, with middle notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and candied ginger with top notes of candied ginger and just a hint of sweet musk. Warm, slightly smoky, sweet and citrusy, with those sharp notes of ginger coming alive with each light.

Apple Bourbon: Our Apple Bourbon candle blends heirloom variety apples, a hint of cinnamon & spice, topped with a healthy dose of bourbon whiskey. The perfect scent for those cozy nights at home, snuggled up under a blanket, pooch at your feet, good book in hand, a distinctive warm glow filling your space

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