Campfire Crackle - Campfire in a Can
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Campfire Crackle - Campfire in a Can

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This campfire in a can is ideal for campers and hikers and is perfect for making a small fire on the go. It's 100% natural and is made of soy wax, wood shavings and ground pinecones. Place Campfire Crackle on a hard solid surface that is nonflammable. Light the wick in the middle or any wood shavings and it will catch fire. In about 25 minutes you will have a full flame that can be extinguished and reused as needed. 

One time use!

40 min burn time.

To extinguish the flame, carefully slide the lid back onto the top of the can and store once cooled. 

Caution: Very flammable for outdoor use only. Use on a hard nonflammable, fire-resistant surface and do not leave unattended. Keep product away from children and pets.

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